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The future of university

As coordinator of Value Creators, I had the opportunity to participate in an interesting week where professionals from different universities in Europe discussed about the future of university leaded by Theory U process. During this week I had the opportunity to sense that what for a lot of colleagues at other universities is dreamed as their future, is for us our present with the concept of Value Creators. This concept that grows and improves organically every year thanks to the input of our networks and our students, has all the ingredients that professional consider essential for the future of the university in Europe: freedom to follow individual call and purposes, addressing Sustainable Development Goals and contributing to the community, engaging with networks, providing space for curiosity, creativity, leadership, ethics and resilience. Value Creators is a concept that could be adapted in other universities. It was our dream from the beginning to spread the concept and have Value Creators cells functioning at other universities. It will be great to have students around the world addressing the challenges ahead us from different perspectives and disciplines. I hope this inspiring week in Barcelona becomes a point of departure for future collaboration with colleagues around Europe working in creating value for our educational systems.

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