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Bridging the Knowledge Gap in Conservation Technology

By Chris Bernzen, Robin Marti and Sem Huisintveld

Our journey began with a simple yet profound question: "How can technology and human collaboration come together to address conservation challenges?". This posed question guided us as we went through the complexities of conservation technology and its potential to drive meaningful change.


The Knowledge Gap

Despite the promising applications of conservation technology, a significant knowledge gap remains. Many people are unaware of the capabilities and opportunities these technologies offer. To address this, we decided that the most effective way to spread awareness was through a high-quality video. Our video aims to explain monitoring technology capabilities and showcase real-world applications, making complex information accessible and engaging.


Creating the Video

The final product is a 10-minute professionally edited video featuring diverse footage of wildlife technologies provided by the Wild labs community. This variety highlights the innovative software solutions – such AI - being used in conservation technology today including satellites (GIS), camera traps, tags, drones, eDNA, acoustic monitoring, communication systems and data collection platforms. Initially, our project felt overwhelming, but through clear communication and effective coordination, we collected high-quality material and created a video that met our goals. Furthermore, we outlined detailed expectations for short-term, mid-term, and long-term outcomes which helped us assess the impact of our final deliverable.


Short-Term Outcomes

In the short term, we aim to reach as many people as possible in our target audience. Success will be measured by views, shares, comments, and likes. High engagement will help raise awareness about the latest advancements in conservation technology. We also aimed at showcasing conservation technology experts and the value of collaboration within the community. By leveraging the extensive Wildlabs network and encouraging stakeholders like Marta Fellows (IPAM Amazônica) and Jordi van Oort (African Parks) to share the video, we hope to maximize our reach. Additionally, we plan to upload the video on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, where short segments will be used to increase engagement.


Mid-Term and Long-Term Outcomes

In the mid-term, we hope to see increased networking and collaboration among viewers and contributors. As more people view and share the video, we expect a broader adoption of conservation technology, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of conservation efforts. We will track feedback and engagement to assess the video's impact on creating new connections and promoting technological integration. Looking ahead, our project aims to make lasting contributions to conservation by bridging the gap in understanding and utilizing innovative technologies. We envision widespread adoption of advanced conservation tools, leading to significant advancements in biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management. Our video aims to inspire continuous learning and collaboration within the conservation sector, ultimately increased conservation efforts and outcomes for wildlife and ecosystems worldwide.


Reflecting on Our Journey


Our journey was much like a roller coaster, filled with ups and downs, uncertainties, and moments of clarity. We started feeling lost and overwhelmed, but as we progressed, our path became clearer. This experience has not only enhanced our understanding of conservation technology but also highlighted the importance of strategic partnerships and effective communication. By producing an engaging and informative video, we hope to bridge the knowledge gap and inspire others in the field.


We invite you to join us on this journey towards a more informed and connected conservation community. Let's embrace technology and collaboration to create a positive impact on our planet.


Get in touch with the team: c.bernzen(at) and semhuisintveld(at)

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