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"In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. If these Goals are completed, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030"(

Change, Impact, Value

In less than a decade, 85% of the population will be living in urban areas. Civil society will have to be prepared to take the lead towards new forms of  economy, governments and cooperation. We need to make our lives more sustainable and to combine profit, planet and people more than ever. And above all, we need a healthy society, because health is a human right.

We want to work with professionals and other universities to address together the Sustainable Development Goals and the challenges ahead of us. If you have a complex issues you want to explore together with our students, please contact us

Why, what and how

If future generations are to remember us more with gratitude than sorrow, we must achieve more than just the miracles of technology. We must also leave them a glimpse of the world as it was created, not just as it looked when we got through with it. (Lyndon B. Johnson)

Saving the planet
Rethinking education
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