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Do you want to only study or do you want to create value?

Because tomorrow belongs to the people who prepares for it today

Imagine an educational setting where you can explore your individual interest. A place with no walls around. Shared spaces where professionals, young and old, from all kind of organisations work together with you creating a strong network. A place where questions are as important as the answers. A place where you can create the future.

This is what we offer you if you want to join the Value Creators team. The possibility to go beyond your confort zone and expertise working in interdisciplinary topics with a global and local focus. Education on-demand: online, inline, outline, face-to-face...you name it, we facilitate it. Blended learning?: Yes, but the ingredients of the mix are up to you! 

Value Creators runs for 6 months and offers a total of 30 ECs. For more information about how to join please contact us!

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
(Abraham Lincoln)

If you are an educator at university and you are also interested in incorporating the Value Creators concept into your programme, please do not hesitate to contact us. Value Creators is design as an organic learning cell that could be applied and incorporated in existing curricula. We welcome initiatives for change and collaboration agreements. We are as well part of the UN-Habitat partnership universities working with global issues. 

Value Creators also welcome students from other universities working with Erasmus programmes. Please contact us for more information regarding forms of collaboration. Together we can change the way we learn!!!

Value Creators is a concept developed by the Windesheim Honours College, offering a bachelor degree in Global Project and Change Management and part of the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.