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We believe in the young potentials who can change the world and add value. We offer an environment to shape the future together connecting local and global soulutions to the challenges ahead.

The people behind Value Creators:

María García Alvarez
Coordinator Value Creators

Windesheim Honours College

Dr. Liesbeth Rijsdijk
Director External Relations and International Affairs

Windesheim Honours College

Dr. Lineke Stobbe

Director Education and Internal Affairs 

Windesheim Honours College

Value Creators is an educational concept developed by the Windesheim Honours College. We created an environment where students and professional networks work together around complex social issues and wicked problems related to the Sustainable Development Goals. Value Creators concept facilitates the transition from knowledge as a goal to knowledge as a tool. Students work with different networks in an interdisciplinary way.
In order to do this, we have created our own model to address complexity, the 4E-Model, which is also the framework for the Value Creators semester. If you are interested in knowing more or implementing Value Creators in your educational institution, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also offer trainings for business, government and NGOs.


Windesheim Honours College

00 31 (0) 88 469 8400

Campus 2-6 Building X, 2nd floor

8017 CA Zwolle, the Netherlands

If you are a professional and want to have more information, please contac us here..

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If you are an educator or a student and want information about the concept, please contact us here...

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